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Monthly Subscription!

Monthly Subscription!

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1 Farm Fluff Luxurious Art Batt -- ranging from 1.9oz - 2.3oz depending on how dense the fibers used are

farm fluff batts are highly textural, full of farm fleece, tight curly locks, silky fibers, sparklies and other fun stuff, with a base of merino wool farm fleece for ridiculous, luxurious softness. they are blended on a super coarse vintage carder for a very chunky, textural, fun spin.

Plus goodies!
This could include charms, beads and other art yarn add-ins, locks for tail spinning, plying thread, mini batts, mini handpun skeins, and other delights like tea, chocolates, stickers, stitch markers and any other cute thing I manage to find/make!

USA: $25
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You'll receive one farm fluff art batt (plus goodies!) each month for however long you want!

You'll receive a recurring invoice, on the same day every month, to pay whenever you're ready. This subscription is all about you! You can put it on hold whenever you need to, and then jump back in when you're ready!

Subscriptions are mailed 1-2 weeks after the invoice is paid

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