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Farm Fluff // Art Batt for spinning & felting // Aura
Farm Fluff // Art Batt for spinning & felting // Aura

Farm Fluff // Art Batt for spinning & felting // Aura

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farm fluff batts are highly textural, full of farm fleece, tight curly locks, silky fibers, sparklies and other fun stuff, with a base of CVM/romeldale wool farm fleece for ridiculous sproingy softness. they are blended on a super coarse vintage carder for a very chunky, textural, fun spin.

each batt has a full ounce of curly locks ((with the majority being incredibly soft first & second clip kid mohair)) and the rest is super soft small farm merino and CVM with a plethora of silky/sparkly fibers mixed in.

1.9 ounces // 55 grams

may contain: merino fleece, cvm/romeldale fleece, alpaca fleece, first & second clip kid mohair locks, bluefaced leicester locks, wensleydale lamb locks, long teeswater locks, border leicester locks, tussah silk roving, mulberry silk caps, mulberry silk noils, faux cashmere (nylon), bamboo, milk fiber, sparkly angelina, soffsilk & organic turkey feathers ((collected during my farm days))

all the wool in our Farm Fluff batts are processed by hand from happy sheep that live in their element. no harsh chemicals are used to dissolve the bits of hay that get stuck in their fleece, so you may find a small amount of natural plant matter that'll fall out while you're spinning. that said, I love me a clean fleece and a mostly mindless spinning experience, so this will be minimal!