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Fiber Necklace // Aromatherapy diffuser // Handmade in Denver, CO // Hand forged copper and Hand crafted yarn

Silk&Stone // Aromatherapy diffuser earrings // Big A$$ Hoops

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for the fiber enthusiast, the lover of yarn. for the visually eccentric, the lover of oils.

made of forged copper & hand crafted yarn.

to use as an aromatherapy diffuser -- place a drop of essential oil straight onto the yarn. watch the fiber drink it up quickly. enjoy all the live-long day.

earring dimensions:
diameter: 2.5 in
((6.35 cm))

Ready to Ship

due to the handmade nature of these babies, each set will have some variation. the yarn that I spun for them is a combination of natural colors; white, fawn, brown, black. these will be available for order until the yarn runs out <3