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where ancient craft and modern culture collide


a full ounce of defined locks in each batt


all fibers are hand dyed to imperfection


limited edition batts blended with a painterly eye

silk & stone


Nessaland batts are the cheesecake of the fiber art world. Dense and luxurious, but also comforting in a Thanksgiving sort of way. Smooth where they need to be smooth, and textured where they need to be textured. The curly locks she uses are spectacular. So, so cool.

Ashley Martineau

....your fiber is the best indie fiber I've spun since my own in YEARS.

Esther Rodgers

Purely amazing!! I am also an indie dyer and batt maker, so I usually can make anything I might want to spin. But, I confess, I am ADDICTED to Nessaland batts. They are stunningly gorgeous, full of locks and soft fibers, and other goodies, too. They spin up marvelously, and are the best for creating amazing art yarns. Nessa is a sweetheart, too.